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For dog owners, traveling often comes with the stress of finding a boarding facility for their four-legged family members. Even after you find the right boarding facility for your dog, you may still worry about the prospect of leaving your pet behind. 

However, by taking the time to properly prepare your dog for boarding, you can enjoy the peace of mind that both you and your dog are ready for the experience. Here is how you can prepare your dog for boarding at any facility.

Preparing Your Dog for a Stay at a Boarding Facility

While there are many benefits of cage-free boarding, there is also some responsibility that goes along with this option. 

Ensure Vaccines Are Current

Like many other types of boarding facilities, this type of pet boarding requires that all canine guests are up-to-date with their shots. 

This is necessary for your dog’s health as well as to ensure the health of other dogs staying in the facility. Your vet can help you determine which vaccines are due to expire if you’re not sure that your pet will meet the boarding facility’s requirements. 

Prior to boarding, your dog will generally need the following vaccines:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/parvo virus combo
  • Bordetella
  • Canine influenza

Make sure to ask your vet for copies of your dog’s vaccination records since you’ll need to provide the boarding facility with proof of vaccination. Keep your pet healthy and eliminate any unwanted urgent care visits during their stay.

Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention starts by checking your dogs for any fleas or ticks after they spend a prolonged time outdoors around other animals. Prepare your dog for boarding by ensuring your puppy is safe from unwanted bacteria and illnesses. Disease prevention is as simple as using the right over-the-counter health medication.

Maintaining dog health means prevention, and taking care of the outdoor business they may find themselves in.

Find Long-Term Parking Close to the Boarding Facility

While parking might not be at the top of your list when it comes to boarding your pet, thinking about the ride to and from the boarding facility is key for both you and your dog. 

You’ll likely feel tired after traveling, and your dog will feel anxious to get home after spending time in the boarding facility. This is why knowing how to prepare your animal for boarding should involve considering your plans for long-term parking.

Some boarding facilities, such as Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace, offer long-term parking on-site. The close proximity to the airport also makes this a convenient option. Whether you’re picking up or dropping off, parking close to the boarding facility will reduce stress for yourself and lower your dog’s anxiety.

Socialize Your Dog

When it comes to how to prepare your pet for boarding, making sure your dog has the right temperament for the experience is also important. 

You’ll want your dog to acclimate quickly to the boarding facility to ensure they have fun and interact with the other dogs in positive ways. Without socializing your dog beforehand, your dog may be unhappy at the facility, and the staff may have a hard time managing your pet.

The best way to socialize your dog prior to boarding is by arranging plenty of social interactions for them. Make sure these interactions involve socializing with other dogs as well as interacting with other people. 

Take your dog to the beach, a dog park, or other places where other pet owners are likely to bring their dogs. And if you have friends with dogs, arrange play dates for your pets.

Put Together a Dog Boarding Care Package

Eventually, your dog will trust and bond with the staff and other dogs in the facility. But in the beginning, even when you find the ideal boarding for dog lovers, your dog may feel lonely and sad in an unfamiliar environment.

You can make the experience better for your dog by sending familiar things with them. Make sure to buy enough food for your dog’s stay in the facility since they may not eat unfamiliar food provided by the staff. You should also send along your dog’s favorite blanket or toy to help them feel comforted at night.

Change Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits

Another issue dog owners face is finding out that their pet wouldn’t sleep or whined through the night while boarding. 

In addition to disrupting the sleep schedules of the other dogs, sleeplessness can affect your dog’s health. You can learn whether this is going to be a problem for your dog by leaving them alone in a cage or in a separate room at night.

If your dog howls or whines while left alone in your home at night, it’s likely that they will behave similarly in the boarding facility. One part of knowing how to prepare your dog for boarding is understanding how to anticipate and curb this type of unwanted behavior. 

Practice allowing your dog to sleep alone at night for a week or two leading up to your departure. This will make it easier for your dog to sleep in the boarding facility.

Plan for an Early Drop-Off

Even though your flight might not take off until the afternoon or early evening, it often makes more sense to drop your dog off at the boarding facility early in the morning.

For your puppy, getting to the boarding facility early in the day will give them more time to get accustomed to the experience. They won’t feel rushed to go to sleep, which is what usually happens when dogs get dropped off late in the afternoon. An early drop-off gives your dog time to play and meet the other pets in the facility. 

Dropping your pet off early will also help you finish up your last-minute travel plans without distractions.

Avoid a Long or Sad Goodbye

Finally, plan your goodbye to avoid a long, drawn-out farewell that will concern your dog. Instead, a quick pat on the head and a cheerful goodbye is best to prepare your dog for your departure. Don’t let your dog sense that you’re worried or upset. You’ll want to make sure they view the experience as a positive one from the beginning.

Dog Food Preparation

Ensure your animal has the right amount of dog food for their stay, this is if you’d like them to consume a specific type of food.

The dog daycare or pet boarding facility might not be able to provide the correct dog food if your pet has unique needs for its health.

You will also want to let the pet boarding location know of specific times your animal is supposed to eat throughout the day, especially if they are ingesting any medications.

We’re Waiting to Welcome Your Dog or Multiple Dogs

When you’re leaving town and hitting the road, reserve a stay for your dog at Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace. We’ll provide your pet with an exciting and pleasant adventure while you go away for business or take a family vacation. 

Your dog will feel pampered and have opportunities to meet new canine friends during their stay with us. To learn more about our boarding options, and other services contact us today.

dog boarding arlington