Obedience training for your dog is a gift you give yourself as well as your Best Pal. When your dog has troublesome habits, bad manners, or seems out of control, it’s not only annoying, but it could be unsafe.

We love our pups like family. However, if your dog constantly shows bad behavior, like jumping on guests or snatching food, it can be frustrating for you. Some behaviors, such as running for the door or not coming when called, could even land your pup in a dangerous situation.

Dog training in Arlington, TX, is an important process for all dogs and owners to go through. It helps to create healthy boundaries for dogs so that everyone in the household is happy and safe. Additionally, the training process can help dogs and their owners to deepen their bond.

Pixee’s to the rescue!

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Training Programs

Your Best Pal doesn’t have to pull on the leash, surf your kitchen counters, and greet your friends by jumping all over them. And remember that high risk behaviors like door darting and car chasing could spell disaster for your dog. Obedience training can not only take your relationship to the next level but could even be life-saving. Take a look at our classes below!

Low Cost Vet Clinics


We begin with a 1-Hour Evaluation. Here we assess the best training method and decide best options moving forward.


Low Cost Vet Clinics

Day School Sessions

Dayschool sessions may be conducted during doggie daycare, boarding, or stand alone sessions. Sessions include basic commands such as: heel, sit, stay, and come.

30 Minutes - $35.00

Training Classes

Your pup may have the basic commands down yet still have some behavioral issues that need to be addressed. That’s where our obedience training classes come in. 

We offer obedience class options at multiple levels to suit your dog’s individual needs. These classes are composed of small groups of dogs that are at similar stages in their obedience journey and can learn alongside one another. 

Each set of obedience sessions starts with an Evaluation, where dogs will get the lay of the land, and pet parents will also get the chance to ask any questions they might have about the training process or share any important information about their pups with their trainer.

Low Cost Vet Clinics


An hour Evaluation is required prior to moving forward with training classes.  This allows the trainer and pet parent and pup to review what is needed for pup.  Pet parent will discuss needs and trainer will make plan for training classes.

Low Cost Vet Clinics

Basic Obedience (6 Classes)

In this course you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with your dog and why our balanced approach works.  We cover these commands:  sit, down, place, loose leash walking, reward history, “no” and “yes.”

The class requires equipment which you might already have; if not, it can be purchased at Pixee’s for your convenience.

In-Home Private Lessons:

  • $125.00 per class 
  • $112.50 per class for 2 dogs
  • 5% off for 3 or more dogs

In-Home Private Lessons Bundle Pre-Purchased:

  • $675.00 | Discount

Private Lessons at Facility:

  • $90.00 per class at facility

Private Lessons at Facility Bundle Pre-Purchased:

  • $486.00

Low Cost Vet Clinics

Puppy Classes | At Home (under 4 months)

In this course you’ll set up your new puppy for success! We’ll cover socialization, appropriate play, potty training, kennel training, touch desensitization, introduction to clicker, and introduction to obedience.

In-Home Private Lessons:

  • $641.25 Bundle | 5% Discount 

  • $112.50 Pay as you go | No discount provided

Low Cost Vet Clinics

Board & Train

You can board your dog here at Pixee’s while she or he is being trained:

  • 7 Day Board &Train -$1,500.00
  • 14 Day Board & Train – $3,000.00
  • 21 Day Board & Train – $3,700.00

Why Choose Pixee’s for Dog Training in Arlington, TX?

There are so many options for dog training in Arlington, TX, but you won’t find our level of dedication and care anywhere else.  At Pixee’s we train with Positive Reinforcement.  No harsh training!!!

We treat each dog that passes through our doors as if they were our own, and our attention to detail really shows through our training services. Each graduate of our training classes finishes their course as a better-behaved and happier pup. 

What types of dogs benefit from training?

All types of dogs can benefit from Pixee’s dog training. We cater to many breeds, ages, and sizes.

Can my dog get training for a specific behavioral issue?

Yes, we can address a myriad of common behavioral problems seen in your puppy.

How can I be sure that the training stay with my dog long after the session?

We instill the training techniques into each owner, helping them understand how to get across to their dog and ensure cooperation once the dog is back in its home environment.