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So clean and got so many pictures of my puppers. I felt so good leaving my dog here vs Petsmart. Updated 1/27/24 - Pixie Paws is still the best place around. The staff is so kind and welcoming. I know my dog is always safe there. Their boarding is also great. I left my baby there over Thanksgiving last year and was worth every penny. They cleaned the containers I had brought for her meals and gave her a special Thanksgiving meal treat on actual Thanksgiving. I can’t say enough good things about this place.
Tumtum loves it here!! He is a 2 1/2 year old pug - not neutered. I can rest at work knowing he is around dog people. It’s obvious! There are live camera feeds for each room/outdoor area. I can watch him all day or check out the photos they send real time. At a minimum, one staff member is always present among the dogs. They group the pups based on their personalities and size. Safety is their #1 concern. Plenty of space for everyone to spread out. It is so refreshing to find a place where he can walk freely all day with other dogs AND get snuggles from the staff. Amazing place - they even gave him a bath while he was being boarded. The caregivers’ dedication is unmatched here!! Best part is he is worn out when he gets home since he is not in a crate all day. :)
Gaye Martin
Gaye Martin
Dueitsc to a schedule change I needed day care close to me. I called Pixies Paws. Boo went in for the interview. Boo now had a 2nd home no crates freedom to roam and interact with dogs of all sizes. Grateful for the professionalism, cleanliness, activities. Shes on a schedule loves going.
Mary McDaniel
Mary McDaniel
Pixee’s is the best daycare and boarding. They care for your pet by personality type and not just size. The staff is wonderful! We love Pixee’s.
Cheryl Edwards
Cheryl Edwards
An awesome staff. They take good care of your dog. Also, they interact with your dog by walking your dog on the doggy track and letting them play on the doggy playground that is located at their facility. The facility is very clean and well organized. Throughout the day they send you beautiful photos of your dog. I highly recommend Pixee’s Paws.
Teresa Harris
Teresa Harris
I give all the praise and honor to Pixee's Paws Pet Palace for treating Little Baby like a family member. Little Baby is a Service Dog so he's with me all around the clock. He hardly ever gets to be a puppy and play. So, I started a new job and decided to put him in daycare so he can socialize, play, and get physically active. I know for a fact Little Baby like this daycare. On his 3rd day there he saw his daycare attendant and happily wagged his tail and allowed me to hand him to her without wiggling and crying.
Roy Dean
Roy Dean
I love that the staff and a dog trainer actually works with the dogs. It keeps their minds involved and the learn better behavior.
The best team of dog lovers ever. So engaged and caring, my dog is my baby and I'm always wondering "how's he doing?"... then I get photos of him living his dog dream with his buddies and everything is fine. 100% recommend
Brooke Major
Brooke Major
My dogs love going to Pixees! They are like a second family for them. They really care about our fur babies and go the extra mile to make them comfortable. One example, my dog was unable to use his back legs, so they bought him a wagon to move him from room to room to play area so he could stay with his pack in all the different activities. They also send the cutest daily pictures and holiday themed pics, which I love getting. You can also get them a nail trim or bath while they are there so you don't have to worry about it at home. The groomers are awesome and always do a great job.
Carol Andersen
Carol Andersen
Great place so loving and kind. Took great care of my little scardy cat Ellie

What We Do

Doggy Daycare

It can be difficult to leave your best pal with strangers, but at Pixee's Paws Pet Palace Dog Boarding you can rest easy: Environment is climate-controlled

Dog Boarding

Consider us your home-away-from- home. Our many services are designed to make sure your best pal feels safe, secure, and has a great time.

Please note:  puppies must have all 3 rounds of puppy shots before daycare or boarding at Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace Dog Boarding.  CLICK HERE TO SEE REQUIREMENTS

Dog Boarding Heaven in Arlington, TX

There are situations in which you’ll need to find someone to take care of your puppy or dog for longer than a workday. You might be going away on vacation or planning to remodel your home. In any situation, you can trust the professional staff at Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace in Arlington, TX, to take excellent care of your pet.

Reliable Staff & Safe Place for Your Pets

Although nothing can keep you from worrying about your dog while you’re apart, you’ll quickly come to trust our team. We strive to provide pet boarding that will meet your dog’s overnight needs. This care includes giving your dog a comfortable place to sleep at night where they will feel safe and secure.

Constant Attention Through the Night

Your dog will never feel neglected or abandoned since our long-term guests are continuously monitored throughout each night. While your dog will miss you, we do everything possible to ensure they enjoy calm and restful nights during dog boarding.

A LOT of Exercise

During the day, your puppy or dog won’t have time to miss you. While other boarding facilities might not provide much socialization and exercise, we go the extra mile. Our amazing care practices include providing a full day of play for our guests.

What makes Pixee’s Different?

Your dog will receive plenty of attention from our staff as they socialize and play with the other dogs staying with us in dog boarding.

You can address your dog’s unique nutritional needs by leaving their food with us. We’ll also provide plenty of water to help your dog stay hydrated even when they’re engaged in physically demanding play. Our air-conditioned Great Hall will keep your dog from getting overheated during play times.

If you really want to pamper your dog, schedule time in our Royalty Room. Your dog will enjoy the comfort of a twin bed, making it easier for them to get a full night of quality rest.

You can choose to let your dog sleep in peace and quiet, or you can ask us to play the television or radio. Keeping media playing throughout the night can help reduce loneliness for your pet.

No matter what options you choose for dog boarding at Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace in Arlington, you can trust that your dog will have an enjoyable experience. Relax and enjoy your time away, knowing we will provide attentive and high-quality care for your pet.

If your dog stays with us for five days or longer, we’ll also provide a complimentary bath prior to pickup. This will ensure your dog will feel happy, clean, and fresh upon returning home.

When you must take time away from your pet, you probably wonder how they spend that time. Unless they have other furry friends at home, they will get bored pretty quickly. Fortunately, we offer a great alternative that will help you take better care of your four-legged friend. 

Our dog daycare is the perfect answer for busy pet parents who want to keep their dogs occupied with positive activities. While a dog that’s left home alone might feel lonely or develop separation anxiety, Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace offers a more social environment. 

Your pet will have the opportunity to spend time with other dogs and engage in exciting games in our play yards. 

The pet resort at Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace will give your dog the attention it needs when you can’t get away from your daily grind. 

Even if your pet isn’t as social as other dogs, there’s space for them here at our doggy daycare. We provide a separate space where anxious puppies and dogs can be themselves. They will still get the attention they crave while staying in a more peaceful environment.

Unlike leaving your pet in a larger boarding facility, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s needs being neglected. We keep clean kennels and playrooms, so your puppy or adult dog will always stay in a sanitary and healthy environment.

We provide access to food, treats, and fresh water to ensure each guest receives the nourishment they need. You’ll never have to worry about your dog going hungry, getting dehydrated, or feeling neglected. 

After just one stay at our doggy daycare in Arlington, TX, your puppy or dog will want to return again and again. When you bring them back for another visit to our daycare, their excitement will tell you how much they enjoyed their time in our facility.

And here are some extra services you won't find elsewhere...enjoy!  

Web Cams

We have webcams available for you to watch your pups at play or rest while your pup is checked in at Pixee’s! The webcams are located on the Solar Tower, Relaxation Station, ZenDen, PlayStation, Gardens, 2 Commons areas, and the Capsule. If you do not see your pup they may be in an area where webcams are not yet available. Webcams shut down at 7pm nightly for the privacy of our boarder and guests.

VIP Airport Parking

Leave your car at Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace Dog Boarding, take an Uber/Lyft to DFW airport and rest assured knowing your dog is on vacation with us while you are on Vacation or Work Travel

$5/day for parking

Pixee’s is a Super Gathering Place in central Arlington for you and all of your dog-loving friends! Rent our space for

Low Cost Vet Clinics

We partner with Texas Coalition of Animal Protection TCAP.  Please visit website for calendar for dates and times of Vaccination Clinic at Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace Dog Boarding.

Click here to visit the website.

Birthday Parties!

Bring your friends — human and doggie, too! — for a big birthday BASH!  

We have lots of options — basic to extravaganza, with yummy doggy bakery goods, party favors, decorations, drinks — all of it!  You choose.  And enjoy the fun!

Call for pricing or see our Facebook page.

We are Social

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Pixee's Paws
Pet Palace Dog Boarding

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Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace offers a full range of dog training that can help you reinforce positive behavioral habits. Starting with beginner dog training, we’ll help you communicate with your dog and teach basic behaviors. 

We also offer intermediate and advanced lessons that build on the basic training your pup has already received. Try our social training to teach your dog a wide range of tricks.

We offer private lessons given in our facility or in your own home, allowing you to choose the best environment for your dog training. Sometimes, learning at home is more effective since the pet is already familiar with the environment.

And here are some extra services you won’t find elsewhere…enjoy!