Pixee's Paws
Pet Palace

Luxury Dog Hotel

Welcome to your pet’s vacation paradise! While you are away, your dog can play!  Our array of services ensures your furry friend feels safe, secure, happy, well-cared-for, and treated like royalty. Discover our commitment to safety, attentive staff, and special offerings like a complimentary departure bath for stays exceeding 5 days. Our staff members are constantly monitoring the safety and overall needs of our overnight guests. They are our first priority, always. Our goal is calm nights of good rest for our luxury dog hotel guests  

Note: Puppies need all 3 rounds of shots before enjoying Pixee’s Paws daycare or boarding. Your pet’s comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

Boarding Amenities

Full day play in Great Hall Boarding Area

Individual playtime


Extra snacks

Active doggie cam so you can check on your baby anytime during the business day

Rooms are cleaned and sanitized — clean! clean! clean

Enjoy curbside dropoff and pickup 

Royal walk 

Indoor/upstairs walk track 

Spa bath 

We use Petairapy and UV Air Purification system to ensure a safe, healthy and clean environment for your baby 

Bring your pup’s food. Keeping pet on regular diet avoids digestive issues.  (If you prefer, we offer a highly digestible Royal diet. Ask for details and pricing) 

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Low Cost Vet Clinics

If you’re planning a vacation or work trip, that means it’s time to book some high-quality hotel accommodations for your pup while you’re out of town.  

However, as there are a number of major priorities that owners keep in mind when they’re choosing a boarding facility, including the comfort, safety, high-quality care, and happiness of their pet, it can be difficult for dedicated pet parents to entrust the care of their beloved pal to someone else. 

Luckily, when you choose to board them at Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace, you can rest assured that your furry friend will enjoy the best dog boarding in Arlington, TX. The incredible team at Pixee’s Paws surpasses all of those expectations and many more with their dedication to the health, safety, and happiness of each dog in our care. 

Pixee's Paws' V.I.P.  Airport Parking

Pixee’s provides an exclusive perk that sets us apart from other Arlington, TX dog boarding facilities – complimentary V.I.P. airport parking! Skip the hassle of DFW parking; leave your car safely at our facility. Just Uber or Lyft to the airport, and upon your return, both your car and your cherished pet will be waiting for you!  

Please note: A 48-hour cancellation notice is required for a deposit refund on boarding stays. Your flexibility is appreciated. 

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Why Choose Our Cage Free Luxury Dog Resort?

Your beloved pet deserves nothing but the best while you’re away. To that end, here are a few reasons why Pixee’s Paws is the best choice for dog boarding in Arlington, TX, and the incredible benefits your pup will enjoy during a stay with us: 

Safety and Security That’s Cage-Free

As a dog owner, you undoubtedly prioritize the safety of your pet when choosing a boarding facility. The team at Pixee’s takes our guest pups’ security very seriously, with 24/7 on-site staff and doggie cams in each room. Even when you’re far away on your trip, you’ll be able to peek in on your pup enjoying some downtime and feel confident in their safety at our facility.  

Pixee’s is an entirely cage-free facility, which means that each pooch spends its days and nights in a private hotel room that keeps them safe and secure without being restrictive or scary. Your pup can roam around as they please and get comfortable in their home away from home. We believe that cage-free boarding is the best way to keep dogs happy and stress-free while away from their beloved owners. 

A Luxurious Vacation for Your Pup

Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace is so much more than just a pet boarding facility — it’s a veritable pet resort! Each dog that comes through our doors gets the royal treatment from the moment they enter our care to the moment they get picked up to head home.  

Our dogs spend the day getting plenty of exercise in our air-conditioned facility, enjoying lots of snacks, and being pampered with spa baths. We also always take the individual needs of each dog into account when it comes to socialization, exercise, and diet. 

Lots of Playtime with Furry Friends

Interaction with other dogs can be a source of worry for pet owners when they go on vacation. You might worry about whether your dog will be properly supervised during playtime or wonder if they’ll get enough exercise. Perhaps most importantly, you might fear that the other dogs may not be friendly.  

Pixee’s happily puts all of these concerns to rest. Our highly trained team has plenty of experience in overseeing dog interactions and encouraging friendly play. Between our indoor walking track and the daily playtime we put on the schedule, your dog is guaranteed to get lots of exercise in and enjoy a great night’s sleep after a long day of fun.  

We also make sure to collect plenty of information about each of our guests’ personalities and quirks to make sure that playtime is always a friendly experience.