10 Reasons Why Cage Free Dog Boarding Is Better Than Other Options

Having a pet dog is one of the most fulfilling and soothing experiences in the world. You have this loving creature in your house that is always ready to cuddle and never lets you feel lonely. However, being a dog owner also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest issues dog owners face is when their dogs can’t accompany them on their next journey.

If you aren’t able to take your dog with you while traveling for whatever reason, it can be stressful for both, you and your dog. If you don’t have a trusted friend or family member who can take responsibility for a dog, you are left with only one option: pet boarding facilities. However, most of these facilities keep your dogs in cages. Your dog stays locked up in cages for most of their time in such facilities. They are occasionally taken out for some playtime if you decide to pay extra. As you can tell, this isn’t exactly a happy environment for your furbaby.

This is why you should consider cage free dog boarding instead. Here are 10 reasons why cage free dog boarding is better than other options

10 Reasons Why Cage Free Dog Boarding Is Better Than Other Options

Imagine this: You are locked up in a small room with little to no space to walk around. You aren’t given any explanation as to why you are there. You try to reach out to your loved ones, but they don’t respond. How would you feel? That is exactly how your dog would feel once they are boarded in a cage.

There is no way you can communicate to them that it is necessary to leave them there; your dog would also never understand why their human abandoned them and left. To avoid this, you should look for a cage free boarding facility in your area to ensure that your pet dog gets the best experience.

Here are some reasons cage free dog boarding services are better than other options.

1. Better Supervision

When dogs and other pets are left in cages, the staff doesn’t need to pay as much attention to them since the animal can’t escape. However, this can cause them to not notice any accident or other issue that may occur before it is too late. On the other hand, a cage free dog boarding facility has staff that provides around-the-clock supervision to ensure nothing goes wrong.

2. Less Stress On Your Pet

Your pet is being separated from you, which will already be a stressful experience in most cases. To cage them up would further add to their misery. Your dog may even think that they’re being punished for being a bad baby. Save them from this stress by opting for cage free boarding instead.

3. Opportunity to Socialize

If your dog is usually by itself at home, spending time at a cage free boarding facility will allow them to interact and socialize with other dogs. However, make sure to inform the staff if your dog isn’t used to being around other dogs. This way, the staff will be able to take extra precautions to make the environment more comfortable for your dog.

4. Human Interaction

In addition to socializing with other dogs, cage free dog boarding facilities also have more interactive staff that is consistently involved with the animals.  They are also trained to help dogs feel more comfortable if they get anxious or lonely.

5. Flexible Routines

Each dog has a unique routine. They might want to eat at certain times and relieve themselves at certain times. It is difficult for a regular boarding facility to accommodate each dog accordingly. Hence, all dogs have to follow the same routine. However, a cage free boarding facility can be more flexible and allow your dog the breathing room they need.

6. (Almost) No Restrictions

Your dogs will be free to roam around and not feel constrained by a cage in such facilities. Of course, there will be a boundary that they won’t be allowed to cross. But within that boundary, there won’t be any restrictions.

7. Play Time and Exercise

Dogs are also allowed enough play time to keep them active at a cage free boarding facility. The dogs are encouraged to play with each other to build their social skills. At the same time, the staff members give them toys and engage them in activities that provide enough exercise.  

8. Mental Simulation

Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation. If you opt for a cage free boarding facility, your dog will be provided with brain games to keep their minds active and healthy. This also helps them stay busy so they don’t get anxious or depressed in your absence.

9. The Equivalent of a Summer Camp

If you could send your furbaby to a summer camp or a jail for two weeks, what would you prefer? The answer is very obvious. A cage free boarding facility is basically the equivalent of a summer camp where your dog will have fun, play games, participate in mental and physical exercises, and might even make some friends. What more can you ask for?

10. Comfort

Ultimately, it all comes down to providing the most comfortable experience to your dog while you are away. And if you take all of the above factors into account, it becomes very clear that cage free boarding facilities provide a much more comfortable experience as compared to other options.

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