Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace would not be the success it is if it were not for the fabulous team that has been put together.

Before Pixee’s was opened there was a tremendous amount of ground game, thought, and preparation to executive.  It could not have been completed fully without Katherine and Juan.

Katherine immediately dove in and created Pixee’s website from scratch.  Educating herself about building websites and taking many hours of her life to do so, we give great thanks and credit.  She has always kept our ideas moving forward without hesitation, allowing us to keep moving with new ideas knowing previous assignments were handled efficiently and immediately.  If they were not handled immediately it was and is usually our fault (the owners), but she’s always gently pushing us forward.  If it were not for Katherine we would still be several months behind!

Juan came on board early as well.  He came in and learned our software, helped create it, caught on about how it operates, and successfully created the platform we use now for Pixee’s operations.  It’s everchanging since we are new to the industry and this business, but Juan is able to needle through the software and updating as things evolve in the business.  He and Gayla built many of our items in-house from scratch.  They have also made the cleaning and maintenance of the facility into an art, and we have consistently been complimented by all guests for our cleanliness and for our facility’s fresh and open feeling.  Juan is also our local dog whisperer! He has all of our guests eating out of the palm of his hand.  He creates a soothing ambience for our guests and will have them napping and resting when we least expect it.  Juan adds tremendous heart to Pixee’s.

Nicole is our lead groomer and has 19 years’ experience of “dogging”.  She speaks dog, and has shown all of us a tremendous amount of tricks to work with our furry guests.  Her patience with our fur guests as well as her two-legged team members has been immense.  Many clients tell us their pets were either rejected at other facilities or they would never allow anyone to trim nails or groom, but Nicole has done so with ease.  She talks to the dog with constant reassurance, and gives them praise, as well as just playing with them.  Nicole has not only been our groomer, but she is a magnificent team player.  She has helped with keep Pixee’s facility clean, rolled her sleeves up to help with actions without being asked, and brought fun and new ideas to help make Pixee’s a success for everyone!  Nicole has come in with an A+ attitude of being positive, staying positive, and keeping everyone else lifted as sometimes our days can become dog crazy busy!

Lyn, is our newest addition to the Pixee’s team.  Lyn has 20 years’ experience of dog grooming, and training.  Her skills are precise and an art.  We look forward to having Lyn increase her time at Pixee’s.




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