Pixee’s opens its doors at 7am sharp.  Employees arrive at 6:30am Monday through Friday to ensure all is prepared and ready for our morning arrivals.  Carmen, our morning Front Desk Manager ensures all is prepped and ready when our guests arrive where they are immediately escorted outside to relieve any anxieties or excitement they’re experiencing.  If they are regular guests, they are escorted to their respective “pack”, whether that be “Littles” Pack or with the “Bigs”.

Sometimes our guests are happier to roam in our Commons area where they have independence and Carmen and a few others to themselves.  The packs play all morning in several available areas; the PlayStation, the Gardens, the Relaxation Station, or the Track.  Our team communicate strategically with phone walkie talkies to ensure safe passage through the halls to arrive carefully and safely to play destination.  Our staff take lots of pictures of their pack as well as conducting Wellness Exams to ensure all is well with each individual guest.  Management is alerted if anything unusual needs special attention and the guest is further tended to depending on the need.

Lunch is individually dispersed to each guest’s run card specifications, and rest for 30 minute, prior to more playtime.  This allows for safe digestion of food avoiding any tummy mishaps.  Naptime follow some quick play after resting from food digestion.  Naptime ranges anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour depending on pack’s mood!

The entire building knows when it’s Track Time!  The undeniable cacophony of barks and the sounds of hoofs, I mean paws, racing up and down the track of excitement!  If you pop in you’ll be welcomed with wagging tails and eyes of several pups from the upstairs Track Window!  More play, maybe watch some tv, photo shoots and TLC given throughout the remainder of the day at Pixee’s.

Pet parents begin pickups anywhere from 3pm all the way up to the minute before 7pm and on the dot!  Some pet parents get pulled at work and have arrive later!  No worries!  We do have Late Pickup Fees up to 7:30pm.  If pup is still in our care at 7:31pm we will move them to overnight boarding reservation as our boarding pack and person have settled in for the night and need uninterrupted beauty sleep.