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Hey, what's it like at Pixee's? That other place put me in a kennel most of the day. Are there things to do?

What? A kennel all day? Wow, that's no good. No, Pixee's is great. We play! We make friends! We're in kennels only if we want to be. Everything's clean, and the team members love to play with us!

Daycare @ Pixee's ​​​​

Playtime & rest-time, Cuddle time is always part of your fur
baby’s day — count on it!

No extra charge for cuddling here at Pixee’s!

Fun and safe toys

Separate space for puppies or a bit more introverted dogs

Please note:  puppies must have all 3 rounds of puppy shots before daycare or boarding at Pixees.  

Clean, clean, clean!

A safe environment is a CLEAN environment. We sanitize everything routinely. Water
bowls are cleaned every four hours.


Special care

For dogs with arthritis we have a special room with
padded floor to make it easier on those painful joints

Yummy meals — from home, or from us

Facebook Live

Facebook LIVE so you can see enjoy seeing your dog while
you’re away

Birthday PARTIES!

Doggie Yoga classes

Dog of the Day Award

Pixee’s is Environmentally Aware.
We care for your dog, and we care for our planet!!

* We invite seniors who love dogs to join us occasionally — they provide even more
attention for your fur baby. Our volunteers LOVE to sit and talk, go for walks, cuddle,
and just hang out with the pups!

We don’t keep our Best Pals in kennels ​​
for most of the day.
No way! They run and play and make friends!

SAFETY is always our first concern.
And know that in our SAFE environment
your dog is free to hang out,
free to run and have fun,
free to BE! Woo-hoo!!

Hey, good to know that while you’re having a great time on vacation,
so is your Best Pal!​

Caring Staff

Our staff is always watching, paying attention.

Dogs love having someone to play with — it’s healthy physical exericse, and it’s healthy emotionally, too!

Of course, if your dog gets too excited or worked up — no worries. We know what to do. Whether it’s time for
a one-on-one walk, or perhaps some calming rest-time,
we’re paying attention.

​​One of our owner/managers is an RN. Good to know that at Pixee’s

someone with medical know-how is on site or on-call 24/7.

Your dog’s temperament is crucial — although we’d love to accept every single dog out there, it’s not always safe for our staff and other guests. If your dog doesn’t “play well with others” we won’t be able to accept him or her in our daycare program.

Dog Daycare locations:


Fort Worth