Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace is a labor of love.  As we love on the dogs, care for the dogs, and ensure they are safe and secure, lots of behind-the-scenes action is taking place.  And everyone pitches in!  The owners take pride in the facility, so they are mopping, vacuuming, disinfecting, and ensuring that the entire place really does look like a palace!  Our Pixee’s associates are also working hard to make sure everything is fresh and clean, and they know that the owners are also every bit a part of that process.

Besides mopping and vacuuming, we have laundry to do, and water bowls to disinfect, and all of this is supervised not by the owners, not by the associates . . . by our four legged guests!  Yep.  You know what it’s like when you’re cleaning and straightening at home – well, it’s the same here at Pixee’s!  Our guests have fun being with us as all this is happening, and having them close by makes it fun for us!

Cleaning up after your pup’s muddy footprints or “accidents” isn’t a horrible chore to us at Pixee’s.  We clean because we know this ensures safety and hygiene for our four legged friends as well as inspire our guest’s pet parents to feel confident about where they are leaving their four legged family member.  A “labor of love” is literally true around here!!

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