“Ya Wanna Go to Pixee’s?” asks the pet parent.

Answer:  Jump up and down!  Run around scrambling and contorting their four-legs!  YES!  CAN WE GO NOW, HUH? HUH?  LET’S GO!  LET’S GO!  HURRY HURRY!

Those are the kinds of stories we keep hearing and it is M-U-S-I-C to our dog-lovin’ ears!

Whether a guest comes in every day or twice a week it is apparent they love coming to Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace where they play with their furry friends or the 2-legged hoomans who love and care for them.

And it’s not just daycare and boarding they love.  We have wonderful salon services.  We have had pet parents tell us that never before, with any other doggy salon, has their fur baby seemed so relaxed after a grooming.  They tell us that with others, their pet would be either shaking or howling when they picked them up.  Not at Pixee’s!  Our groomed pups are running around and playing with other furry pals or hanging out with the hoomans after they’ve been to the salon.

The pet parents are happy because when they get home their fur babies are good and relaxed.  And the fur babies are happy because they’ve had a fantastic time at Pixee’s!

Well, just another day at Pixee’s.  Happy dogs make happy pet parents!


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