What shots do dogs need to be boarded?

Are you going on an extended trip, or just need someone to watch your dog? With years of experience helping dog owners feel safe and secure about having their eyes off their dog for a while, Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace is Arlington’s leading dog daycare (or “boarding”). Your best pal will feel safe, secure, and have a great time with our many services. We constantly monitor the safety and needs of our overnight guests. In order to guarantee our guests a peaceful sleep, we strive to ensure that their nights are free of disturbances. For stays over five days, we offer complimentary departure baths. It is required that puppies have all three vaccine rounds before attending daycare or boarding at Pixees.

A puppy must be at least 10 weeks old before attending doggy daycare or boarding. In addition, they need to receive a number of vaccinations. Before you bring in your puppy, let’s discuss these immunizations so you’re prepared. While not all vaccinations are legally mandated in every state, our Arlington, Texas veterinary team strongly encourages all pet owners to get their cats and dogs vaccinated. 

A vaccination protects your pet from common diseases that can be astronomically expensive to treat, not to mention potentially dangerous and life-threatening! Regardless, most pet vaccinations are legally required in Texas. Almost every kennel, boarding, and grooming business requires that all pets be vaccinated. Each vaccination administered to pets must meet strict regulations, including the dosage, manufacturing process, and age of administration. If you have any questions about dog vaccinations themselves, we recommend you contact your veterinarian, who can answer your questions according to your pet’s specific health needs.

Vaccine requirements

Distemper vaccinations

Distemper vaccinations should be administered to puppies at least 10 weeks of age. Vaccination against Distemper should be given annually to your dog for one to three years as he or she grows. 

Bordetella vaccinations

For puppies over 10 weeks of age, Bordetella vaccinations are crucial every 12 months. Your veterinarian likely won’t automatically suggest or do this for you; be sure to request it at your next visit. In order to prevent kennel cough, you should request Bordetella. 


Prior to attending a dog daycare or boarding facility, dogs should be vaccinated against Rabies. It can be administered liberally between every year or every three years.

Canine influenza and leptospirosis

Dogs boarding at boarding facilities will also need vaccines for canine influenza and leptospirosis. It is required to administer shots several days in advance to the planned initial boarding date. Make sure to bring in your records as proof that your dog has been vaccinated. Before going to a boarding facility, a dog must also be flea and tick free.

While dog flu vaccines and Bordetella vaccines can reduce the severity of these illnesses, they cannot prevent them from spreading. Due to the fact that dogs are contagious for two or three days before showing symptoms, it is impossible to detect contagious dogs before arrival. Therefore, vaccinations are absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of the other animals.

Make Sure Your Dog is Up to Date on Their Vaccinations

The frequency of vaccinations may vary depending on your dog’s age, lifestyle, and the specific vaccines used. Your veterinarian will create a vaccination schedule that’s appropriate for your dog. Additionally, your vet may recommend titers, which are blood tests to check your dog’s immunity levels, to determine if certain vaccinations are necessary.
The specific vaccinations required for boarding your dog may vary from one boarding facility to another, but most reputable boarding facilities have certain common requirements to ensure the health and safety of all dogs. It’s essential to check with the boarding facility in advance to understand their specific vaccination requirements.

Before boarding your fur-baby, please let Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace know if he or she has recently been sick, even if they have recently been vaccinated. We look forward to taking excellent care of your dog while they are with us.