Walk In Prospect

Thanks to our banner of flags flapping in the wind around our building, and our new Pixee banner on our building, a woman decided, spur-of-the-moment, to stop by and tour our Pixee facilities this afternoon.

Her pet, Teddy, a Miniature Golden Doodle, is going to need a place to socialize and eventually be boarded when she goes on vacation soon.  She was apprehensive as we began the tour.  She asked us a lot of questions and would nod as we gave her information about our processes and our excitement about opening the Daycare, not revealing her opinion about Pixee’s.  As we rounded out the entire tour of the building she commented that she was impressed with the openness and friendliness of our facilities and team!  She said she had not felt comfortable at another facility she had toured, but she’s decided that Pixee’s is the place she wants her Teddy to stay!

We look forward to Teddy being part of Pixee’s pack!  And, we are proud of our continued diligence about keeping Pixee’s ICU Unit clean as well as pampering our royal guests as much as possible during their stay!

Come to Pixee’s!  The place to be treated like royalty!

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