11/10/19.  You may know that we specialize in large dogs here at Pixee’s.  We do it for fun, since you probably think of “Pixee” as small and cute, right?  (wink! wink!)  Well, yes, we love small and cute dogs, and we have plenty of them around here, but large dogs can be just as cute.  Witness Gabbar and Zeus, 85 lb. rescues from the Garland Police Dept.  They are protective of their space, love to play ball, and enjoy running.  After playing hard, they rest well in our enclosed space. 

So yesterday we had a birthday party for one of our Specialists. Cake and decorations, as usual, plus we decided to do a full meal as part of the celebration as well.  Except for Gayla who’s in the other room with Gabbar and Zeus, we were gathered in the main room, and the mood was lighthearted–everyone’s having fun and cutting up. 

Suddenly, above our own buzz of conversation and laughter, we all clearly hear Gayla yell, “WHAT DID YOU DO?  OH NOOOOO!!!!” 

We all stop. Complete silence as we all think together Uh oh, what did those big pups do? 

Yep.  We were right.  We’d inadvertently left several pieces of brisket on the kitchen counter.  Gayla was leading the pups outside for some exercise, turned her back for less-than-a-second (she swears!), looked back, and there they were, thoroughly enjoying that lovely brisket. 

Point of the story….never leave beef out and turn your back on 85 lbs., 3’ dogs!


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