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Interested in signing up your pup for dog boarding with Pixee’s? Welcome to our frequently asked questions!

We get it — every dedicated dog parent wants to have the answers to common boarding inquiries before they are comfortable leaving their pet in someone else’s hands.

Take a quick look at our frequently asked questions and answers to common boarding inquiries before contacting our staff for boarding. This way, you can get familiar with Pixee’s way of dog boarding and determine whether our doggy daycare services are right for you and your pet.

faqs for dog boarding

Pixee’s requires every dog that comes in for boarding to have current vaccinations against rabies, DHLPP, canine flu, and Bordetella.

Your dog also needs to have a fecal test done before staying in our facility to rule out any other diseases. This helps us ensure that every dog that stays with us is kept healthy and safe.

If your dog is under six months old, we will need proof from your veterinarian that they have all three rounds of puppy shots.

Puppies under six months old are too young to be spayed or neutered, which is why young puppies can board at our facility without these procedures. However, if your dog is older than six months, they will need to be neutered or spayed and fully healed from the procedure before signing up for dog boarding.

In addition to current vaccinations and spaying/neutering, Pixee’s requires every pup to come in for an evaluation with our staff before signing up for dog boarding.

During this evaluation, we’ll get to know your dog and make sure they are the right fit for our facility using a temperament test. We will also collect and look over your pup’s medical records during this time.

The dedicated staff at Pixee’s prioritizes the safety of our dogs over everything else. That means we take the health and behavior of each new pup very seriously before allowing them to board with us. There are a variety of traits that can make dog boarding risky, including age, personality, aggression, health status, and more.

Thanks to our careful evaluation of each new dog, we can promise our pet owners a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment for their beloved animals during their stay at Pixee’s. The health and happiness of your dog matter to us just as much as the health and safety of the other dogs in our facility.

If your dog requires medications, please bring them with you on drop-off day. Our staff will collect all the information they need from you in order to administer the medications properly, including timing, amounts, and other instructions.

If your dog has a type of food that they prefer, we recommend bringing it with you to make your dog’s boarding stay as comfortable as possible.

However, we also offer a Royal diet that is highly digestible and healthy for dogs as an option. The price of the Royal diet can be easily added to your boarding price.

Yes! Our staff at Pixee’s will treat your pup like their own during their stay at our facility, which means plenty of treats and attention throughout the day. If your dog needs special treats or you would prefer that our staff not give them treats, just let us know before you drop them off.

Our dog boarding facility at Pixee’s is much more like a resort than it is a typical boarding experience. We strongly believe in cage-free boarding to support the comfort and happiness of each pup on site.
frequently asked questions answers to common dog boarding inquiries

Don’t worry — cage-free boarding doesn’t mean your dog won’t be roaming around the facility unattended. Each dog that stays with us gets their own air-conditioned private room with cozy bedding and space to spread out.

This style of boarding keeps stress low for dogs and makes their time on “vacation” much more enjoyable.

Cleanliness is one of our top priorities at Pixee’s, which is why group play areas as well as each dog’s kennel are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. We also utilize state-of-the-art air purification to avoid allergies and kennel cough.

Each day of dog boarding at Pixee’s is jam-packed with fun and excitement.

Your dog will enjoy hours of play in the Great Hall, which is air-conditioned and cleaned regularly. They will also receive multiple walks in our Royal Walk area, which is an indoor walking track within our facility.

Each pup receives breakfast and dinner on a regular schedule each day, and your pup will love socializing with other dogs as well as spending one-on-one time with our staff members.

Yes! We encourage play and socialization among the dogs staying with us. During the initial evaluation for each dog, we make sure that the pups staying in our facility are all friendly and get along well with others.

At doggy daycare, your pup will spend multiple hours each day playing, either with other dogs or one-on-one with Pixee’s staff members. Don’t worry, they are free to take a rest whenever they’d like!

Your dog will come home the exact same happy, lovable dog they were when you dropped them off. The most significant difference you’ll notice is that they might be extra tired after so much playtime and socializing!

We recommend booking your dog boarding reservation as far in advance as possible so we can ensure enough space for your pet.

This will also give you time to schedule a vet appointment to make sure that your dog is in great health and that their vaccinations are up to date before you leave.

If your pup has a favorite toy or two that will help them feel less stressed, feel free to bring them on your drop-off date! Bringing your own toys is not required as we have lots of toys at our facility, but you can bring them if your dog prefers their own.

We don’t board our dogs in cages at Pixee’s — instead, each guest gets their own private room. That means we can accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes in our kennels!

Of course! We know that dogs need lots of water to stay hydrated, especially when they’re playing the hours away.

We have fresh water available for our guests at all times in our play areas and sleeping rooms.

You can rest assured that our capable staff is prepared to keep all of our dogs safe in the event of an emergency. The closest veterinary hospital is only four minutes away, and we make sure to keep an emergency contact on file for every pup in our care.

You can take advantage of all of Pixee’s services during your dog’s stay, including grooming, training, leash practice, and supervised socialization. We even offer a complimentary bath right before drop-offs for every dog that stays five days or more in overnight boarding.

Yes! Our staff is always present and supervising during group play. While we let the dogs do their thing, Pixee’s team members are constantly watching to make sure every dog is safe and having fun.

From the moment your pet enters our facility to the end of your pet’s stay, they will receive royal treatment from our friendly and experienced staff.

We treat every dog like our own, which is why we prioritize safety, cleanliness, and incredible service just as much as we prioritize fun and enjoyment for our guests.