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If you are looking for a place to leave your pet, Pixee’s Paws is the place. Pixee’s Paws offers several services, including daycare services for your pet, dog training, and boarding services at affordable prices. These are the primary services offered in the pets palace.


It is difficult to leave one of your closest friends with strangers when you are busy or working hours. When you have a busy day, bring your dog to Pixee’s Paws. Your dog will enjoy playtime with other pets and people who understand them. It will also enjoy quality rest time with cuddling of the fur. Your dog will enjoy quality time at this place. There are toys available for your pet to play with during the day for those with playful dogs.

Puppies and dogs that are a bit anti-social are kept in a different place separate from the other dogs. The environment in Pixee’s Paws is a clean one. The place is regularly cleaned, and the dog’s water bowl is cleaned after every four hours. For dogs with special needs like arthritis, pixees paw has a particular room where the dogs can feel comfortable. The meals during daycare services are the best. Pixee’s Paws has quality food for your dog.

Your dog does not stay locked in kennels, and they have room to play and make quality friends. They have time to interact with other dogs in a safe environment. There is qualified staff who are always watching the dogs in case of anything.


With the help of qualified staff who take care of the dogs, the dogs are also trained. The team understands the various techniques that can be used to train dogs. Puppies also acquire dog training. The staff pays attention to your pets and understands which dogs require more attention and which require a little less attention.

Dog obedience training is one area of focus when it comes to dog training. It helps improve the relationship between you and your dog. It is an essential training program since it could even be life-saving. At Pixee’s Paws, there are daytime classes offered and evaluation for your dog at affordable prices.

There are social work classes where the dog can learn some skills and bonding, hence improving the communication skills for your pet. They cover some dog tricks such as jumping, sitting, balance, and other essential stunts with the help of trained staff at affordable prices. Once your dog is done with the training, you will command your dog effortlessly. Pixee’s Paws has all the necessary equipment required for dog training sessions.


Dog boarding is another service offered at Pixee’s Paws. It is a home away from home for your dog. The place is designed for your dog to feel secure, safe, and comfortable. Pixee’s Paws offers accommodation for your pet in an air-conditioned place where the dog can walk or enjoy quality time to play. Your pet is also provided with the best meals and snacks to keep them healthy and energized while you are away.

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