dog parks in arlington tx

Dog Parks In Arlington, Tx

There are so many fun activities to enjoy with your dog in and around Arlington, TX. No matter what your interests might be, this vibrant city has plenty to explore for dog lovers and dog breeds of all types.

If you’re looking for a way to get outdoors, give your pup some much-needed exercise and training, and maybe even get to know your community better, dog parks are easy and enjoyable places to do so. Your dog will love getting to run free off-leash, and if you live in Arlington, it’s likely that there’s a dog park within just a few miles of your home.

Best Dog Parks in Arlington, TX

Not all dog parks in Arlington are the right fit for every dog and dog owner. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the city’s best parks and their amenities so that you can decide which one to try next. Before you head to the dog park, though, make sure to grab your pup’s leash and collar, some treats, and plenty of water. Then, you and your furry friend will be ready for a fun day at the dog park.

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Rush Creek Dog Park

Rush Creek Dog Park is located along W Pioneer Parkway, just a few minutes east of Lake Arlington. This park is connected to Clarence Foster Park, which is another popular destination in the city for picnicking, hiking, playing sports, or simply enjoying some natural beauty.

This park is about 5.3 acres of gated space with separate areas for large and small dogs to play, train, and enjoy. Each area features plenty of shady sitting areas, benches, and water fountains for your comfort and convenience. There are also two parking lots to choose from, both of which have great lighting.

Other than Wednesday mornings until 12 p.m., when the park closes for maintenance, Rush Creek Dog Park is open seven days a week. But it’s important to keep your pet on a leash until you’ve gotten inside the double-gated entrance.

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River Legacy Park

River Legacy Park is popular among dog owners and furry friends of all sizes for its inviting natural views and dog-friendly hiking trails. This park also has several picnic pavilions perfect for outdoor events, as well as a playground for kids.

Though River Legacy Park is certainly dog-friendly, it does not have a fenced area for dogs to run off-leash. You can find this park on the northern end of Arlington alongside the West Fork Trinity River.

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Tails N' Trails Dog Park

At Tails N’ Trails Dog Park, you and your pup are sure to have a blast. With almost six acres of space, this park is fully fenced, making it safe to let your dog off-leash. Just make sure your pup has all their vaccines before visiting any dog park.

Throughout the park are different types of areas, including open fields and wooded spaces, so your pup will enjoy exploring everything on offer and taking in all kinds of sights and smells. Tails N’ Trails Dog Park is closed on Tuesdays until 12 p.m. for maintenance; other than that, though, you can visit the park every day of the week.

Tails N’ Trails Dog Park is located just south of Arlington Municipal Airport. There are many other public parks and green spaces available nearby, as well, including Cravens Park and Fish Creek Linear Park.

More Dog Parks Nearby Arlington, TX

If you’re willing to venture slightly outside of Arlington, the greater surrounding area has many more well-liked dog parks to try out. Here are a few of the most convenient dog parks for Arlington locals that sit just beyond the city.

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Central Bark Dog Park

Located in Grand Prairie, TX, just west of Arlington, Central Bark Dog Park is easily accessible by many of the area’s highways, including I-20, State Highway 360, and President George Bush Turnpike. Visitors love this park for its many comfortable benches, water fountains, and paved walking paths.

Central Bark Dog Park is the perfect place for dogs to play off-leash and explore safely. Large and small dogs get their own separate areas at Central Park, and there are several convenient waste stations located throughout so that dog owners can easily clean up after their dogs.

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Hound Mound Dog Park

Residents of nearby Flower Mound love visiting Hound Mound Dog Park, where dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages can play and socialize. Large and small dogs are separated into their own fenced areas, and dogs can be let off-leash.

The hybrid Bermuda artificial turf at Hound Mound Dog Park helps to keep the park looking green and inviting all year round. This gated community facility features several pet waste stations, freshwater fountains, and parking spaces. Hound Mound is open 6 days a week and is closed on Wednesdays for routine maintenance.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Parks?

Why visit dog parks in Arlington, TX? An off-leash dog park can do wonders for your dog’s physical and mental health. In addition, you’ll be able to meet and socialize with other dog owners in your area. Here are a few key benefits that your furry friends can enjoy from visiting dog parks.

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Socializing for Large and Small Dogs

The more experience your dog has with socializing with unfamiliar people and dogs, the easier it will be for them to navigate the world. A dog park is a safe and supervised place for them to play with other dogs, get to know social cues, and interact with other friendly dog owners.

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Time and Space to Explore Off-Leash

Did you know that your dog has a biological need to sniff? Smelling things is good for your dog’s brain and can help keep them calm. Now imagine how many new and interesting smells are present at a dog park. Your dog will enjoy their sniffing adventure in between meeting and greeting other dogs.

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Physical Activity for Optimal Health

Aside from mental stimulation, your dog needs plenty of physical stimulation throughout the day to stay healthy and happy. A trip to an off-leash dog park is the perfect opportunity for your pup to run and play to their heart’s content. Then, they’ll come home exhausted and happy (and probably better-behaved, too).

Try Some Off-Leash Dog Parks in Arlington, TX, Today

As you can see, dog parks bring numerous benefits, and there are a variety of great options in the Arlington area. If you’ve never taken your pup to the dog park or are looking for a new one to try out, take the time to have a new experience with your furry friend.