When you take to the skies at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in caring, loving hands. Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace provides the dog boarding services you need, whether you’ll be back that evening or gone for several days at a time.

Dog Boarding Near DWF


Easy and Convenient Dog Boarding Near DFW Airport When You Travel

Here’s a closer look at our boarding services to help you choose which option meets your needs:

Daily Boarding Services

You might only need to board your dog for the day or a few hours. Choose a full day of boarding if you’ll need to board your pet for five hours or longer. 

We charge $27.60 for dogs under 50 pounds and $31.60 for larger dogs of 50 pounds or more. For dogs that have not been spayed or neutered (unaltered), the fee is $35.65.

Half-Day Boarding

Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace offers a half day of boarding when you only need to board your pet for fewer than five hours. A half-day boarding is $18.40 for smaller dogs and $20.00 for dogs 50 pounds or more. A half day of boarding for an unaltered dog comes to $21.16.

Try Our Memberships for Added Convenience

We offer monthly membership rates if you frequently travel or need daily boarding regularly. Full-day memberships start at $124.20 per dog for five days of boarding in a month or $82.80 for 5 half-days. 10-day memberships start at $248.40, or $165.60 for 10 half days. 

Our Royal Membership Club features 20 days per month, at rates starting at $496.80. This package includes all of the Royal perks, such as a spa bath and an extra treat each day.

What Can Your Dog Expect?

Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace knows that quality of care is your most important concern when choosing an option for dog boarding near DFW Airport. You’ll be happy to know that we check on our guests regularly throughout each night of their stay. If your pet stays five nights or longer, we provide a complimentary bath.

We have an air-conditioned Great Hall for the comfort of our canine guests. Your dog can also use our indoor running track and participate in the playtime ball drop we host every morning. 

When it comes to feeding your dog, we encourage you to bring your pet’s food from home. This helps reduce the risks of any digestive issues. Alternatively, we offer our digestion-friendly Royal diet for an additional cost.

Choose the Royal Room

Extra pampering is available for your pet. Our Royal Room has a twin bed and the option of playing a radio or TV for companionship. This package includes extra snacks, individual playtime, a spa bath, and a royal walk. 

We’re Conveniently Located

Find Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace at 112 W. Randol Mill Road. We’re just a short drive from the DFW Airport, and we offer VIP parking for our customers. Leave your car and your pet with us, and take an Uber or Lyft to your gate!

We’ll Meet All of Your Dog’s Care Needs

In addition to daycare and boarding services, Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace also offers dog training and vet care services. Contact us to learn more about our services or schedule boarding.