Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace had an eventful week and a half.  Our Valentine’s Day special was a hit for our clients, AND we had some newbies drop in, just to try us out, and who are now our new clients!  I want to tell you about one little new dog in particular.

Our team helped build trust with a Maltese who had been rejected by several grooming establishments.  Pixee’s whole team worked patiently and lovingly to ensure the process would be as stress free for this little girl as possible.  She was terrified throughout, so we slowed everything down and only did a little at a time.  We gave her breaks so she could play and get centered again, and eventually—with a slow and loving gentleness–it began to help.  Trust is slowly being built with this wonderful little dog.  Her mom said she’d be bringing her back regularly to keep her well groomed, a great thing for her overall health.

The owners of Pixee’s want your dog’s needs met, no matter the condition of their fur and their behavior during the process.  Every dog deserves the chance to not only look great, but to feel great, too, because of excellent grooming!  We care about every single dog that comes through our doors and will continue to strive to take in the so-called “rejects”.  There are never “rejects” at Pixee’s — just works in progress.

Yes, we are new in town, but we are confident that our reputation is building as the place that takes its time grooming the dogs who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance.  We all deserve second chances, right?.  Both canine and human.


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