Two small terriers playing

Staying in a small cage all day that barely allows exercise, is not fun. If you are about to go on vacation and cannot find a dog sitter, consider cage-free dog boarding options. Your beloved fur baby will feel right at home rather than feel as if they are being punished.

Dogs are social creatures, after all. They love to explore and thrive when they are allowed to. If you leave your dogs in cages, they will get anxious and depressed which can result in behavioural issues later.

Top Benefits of Cage Free Dog Boarding

To understand the importance of cage-free boarding, let’s do a deep dive into its many benefits:

1. Your Dogs Get the Exercise They Need To Remain Healthy and Happy

If you opt for caged boarding, you will return to a very different dog. Depression is not just a human illness. Dogs thrive when they are allowed to frolic and play in an open environment. As a general rule of thumb, they should get at least two hours of exercise daily for their emotional and physical wellbeing. By opting for cage-free boarding you can ensure they stay healthy and socialize with fellow pooches.

Whether you have a rambunctious cocker spaniel or a lazy Saint Bernard, they will be happier in a cage-free facility. Entertainment provides a healthy outlet for their workouts. The more space they have to run, the better.

While some kennels have some space in which they can play, cage-free boarding daycares are more comfortable in comparison.

2. A Healthy and Safe Environment

When it comes to pet boarding, environment matters. Every dedicated dog owner wants their pet pooch to stay in one that is secure and comfortable at the same time. A kennel is secure, but it isn’t very practical if you want to ensure your pet remains happy in your absence.

A cage-free environment at a well-reputed facility will give your dogs the stimulation they need to be themselves. It doesn’t have crates or fences that may block them from engaging with staff and other boarding pets. But that doesn’t mean it is unsecure. The open-cage design is perfect for dogs that get restless in confined spaces, but these facilities ensure they are secure and have cameras in place to make sure of this.

Even dogs who are introverted in nature can enjoy themselves in cage-free boarding facilities. An open environment allows them to be themselves and they also get the chance to cultivate their social habits and learn to play with other dogs. These facilities also have staff on hand to ensure each furry guest remains safe and secure.  For example, socially selective and aggressive dogs are closely monitored, but many forget their anxiety in a large group.

3. Holistic Experience

Your dogs will project their boarding experiences on you when you return for them. So ask yourself what you want their experience to be like when you are not there for them. In a cage-based facility, their outlook will shrink to the size of their crate or cubby irrespective of the length of their stay. Joyful dogs are no different. Their demeanor can change from happy to aggressive on a dime if they are confined to a cage.

In a cage-free facility on the other hand, your pooches will have plenty of space to themselves so they can be themselves. They won’t have to adjust their behavior to be comfortable in a tight space. The facility also has trained staff who understand what a dog is thinking or feeling with just a look. They will ensure your pets have adequate rest, positive reinforcement training and nourishment to remain content.

4. Normal Routines Are Not Restricted

If you are worried that your dog’s’ routine will be disrupted while you are away, think again. Sure, they won’t wake up, brush their teeth, have breakfast or go to work like we do, but dogs have their own routines that bring them comfort as well. If they are confined to a cage for who knows how long, that will be disrupted which can lead to behavioral issues down the line.

That will not be the case in a cage-free dog boarding facility since they will be allowed to roam around and play. Your dogs can have fun with fellow fur babies as a bonus too.

5. Save Money

One of the top benefits of cage free dog boarding is that you get to save money. Caged boarding facilities are more expensive in comparison because they include the crate or kennel cost in the fee. Add the fact that your pets will be miserable in said kennels and the expenditure just doesn’t make sense.

Don’t know if your pupper loves the kennels you leave him in? Just gauge his reaction when you are dropping him off. If his tail is between his legs, he keeps whining and his ears droop, he is not happy there.

The bottom line is that dogs who are given space to be themselves in an open environment are happier than those that are sequestered for hours at a time. That fact alone should be worth considering when you are comparing charges.

Board Your Pooch at Pixiee’s Paws Pet Palace

Whether you are going away on vacation or having your home fumigated, consider cage-free boarding facility Pixiee’s Paws Pet Palace for your dogs. Besides an open environment, we have several measures in place that ensure our furry boarders remain healthy and happy.

Our trained and dedicated staff loves animals and are always on hand monitoring their safety and needs whether they are staying with us overnight or for a few hours. Plus, your pet will also get a complementary bath on departure for a stay that lasts five days or longer. It really doesn’t get better than this!