What shots do dogs need to be boarded?

People with dogs as pets know that, unlike other domestic pets, they tend to be far more social and attached to humans they see frequently. One of the worst experiences that dog owners go through every day is leaving their dog at home while they go to work. There are multiple worries about the dog’s well-being and guilt associated with leaving them alone when it takes an emotional toll on them.

Many dogs also develop separation anxiety when separated from their guardian for an extended time. Separation anxiety affects the dog emotionally but also has physical manifestations, which are an increased source of stress for the owners.

Dogs with separation anxiety can often urinate, defecate in the house, or even destroy property by chewing and scratching. Even if your dog doesn’t have acute separation anxiety, looking at its sad, depressed face every morning as you prepare to leave is hardly a pleasant experience.

There is a simple solution to all those problems, one that doesn’t keep you stressing the whole day and wondering what you will encounter once you return home. Enrolling your dog in a doggy daycare nearby will solve your issues and be great for your dog from a social perspective. Read on to find ten reasons you should take your dog to doggy daycare.

10 Reasons You Should Start Looking for A Doggy Day Care Nearby

A doggy daycare functions like an average daycare with children. You drop your dog off while you go to work or run errands. The people at the daycare look after your dog, provide him with stimulating activities and take care of the feeding. The concept sounds wholly irresistible and has significant advantages. If you are still on the fence about taking your dog to daycare, here are ten reasons you definitely should:

1. Doggy Day Care Helps With Separation Anxiety

As mentioned, separation anxiety is a huge problem when leaving dogs alone. Doggy daycare has several stimulating activities to keep your dog occupied, and they do not exhibit the more severe symptoms after a while. While at daycare, dogs get attention from humans and canine playmates, which is massively helpful for their behavioural and other issues.

2. Dogs Can Learn How to Socialize With Other Dogs at Daycare

A massive benefit of doggy daycare is that dogs can learn how to interact and play with their fellow dogs in a healthy environment. A lot of a dog’s socialization style depends on its breed. A bulldog will be more assertive, while a golden retriever might be friendlier. Daycares keep all these differences in mind and make play groups for similar breeds to play together without there being any major opportunity for confrontation. These groups help dogs enjoy themselves and create bonds with their canine counterparts.

3. Tons of Physical Activity for Your Dog

Any dog owner knows just how important physical activity is for a dog. Most days, when you come back home after a gruelling workday, it is challenging to engage in a high-energy physical activity with your dog. Daycare helps dogs remain physically active. Canine obesity is an emerging issue, and daycare helps keep it at bay.

4. It Helps Dogs Establish A Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit just like humans. They can easily fall into a routine of going to daycare every day, which is great for their overall quality of life.

5. It Is A Better Alternative to Dog-Sitting

Apart from using the daycare when going to work, they also provide boarding when you have to travel for some time. Usually owners pay someone to feed their dogs while away; however, that requires letting someone into your house. Doggy Day Care completely eliminates that problem, and you don’t have to worry about security while you’re away.

6. Your Dog Sleeps Better at Night

Dogs are exhausted after a day filled with fun physical activities. As soon as they finish their dinner, they doze off and sleep soundly for the rest of the night, which is also excellent for their health.

7. You Can Set Play Dates With Other Dog Owners

A great aspect to doggy day care is that not only does your dog get to make friends but you can also find new connections with the owners of the other dogs and even set play dates to meet up and get your dogs together to play.

8. Peace of Mind for Yourself

A massive reason to send your dog to daycare is that you do not have to go about your day with a ticking clock in your head as you scramble to get home to ensure your dog is all right. This can also affect your work performance and stop you from socializing after work. When your dog is at daycare, all those worries vanish, and you can focus on the work at hand.

9. Your Dog Gets to Experience The Great Outdoors

A great advantage of doggy day care is that these facilities ensure all their activities are held outdoors, giving your dog a great chance to indulge in nature. Dogs in major cities especially do not get a chance to frolic around in fields. However, daycare helps them spend a great amount of time outdoors.

10. You Get to Develop A Healthy Bond With Your Dog

Without feeling the guilt of abandoning your dog and your dog getting healthy and stimulating activity every day, you can form an even more profound connection that is rewarding for both sides.

Final Thoughts

If you have been convinced to enrol your dog in daycare, your choice of daycare in Arlington, Texas should be Pixie’s Paws Pet Palace. As reflected in their name, they treat your pet like royalty. They even have vet clinics on the facilities so you need not worry about any medical emergencies that your dog can have. Help foster a healthy relationship between you and your dog by enrolling them in daycare.