Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace recently cared for a Pit Bull, Celina, who had been depressed due to the death of her sister—they were very close, so this was a great loss for Celina.  She hadn’t been eating much and was kind of moping around, very sad.  Her mom was really worried, so she took a leap of faith and brought her here to Pixee’s, not knowing, of course, that our house dog ambassador, Mila, is also a Pittie, and one who absolutely loves to play!

It was something to behold.  Celina was not only sad, but she was entering a new environment as well, so she was understandably a bit wary, too.  But that didn’t last long!  Mila, who’s just naturally friendly and always eager to make new friends, seemed to know exactly what to do!  They played and rested together all day.  Mila showed Celina the ropes around the building; they explored all over this place, and just had the best time.  It was a total joy for us – our staff talked about “Mila and Celina” doing this and “Celina and Mila” doiing that all day long.  h

Obviously these two great dogs became trusting friends.  When Celina’s mom came to pick her up, it was as if she was meeting a new dog!  Celina was happy to see her mom, happy to be with her, and (also happily!) tired from playing all day.  And we were over the moon when we received a text a few hours later telling us that Celina had eaten her dinner enthusiastically and was already asleep!

Mission accomplished!!  A happy and relieved pet mama and a happy, relaxed dog.

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