We have a great Dog Specialist working with us here at Pixees.  Juan just has a great heart for dogs; they can sense that and respond in kind.  Like all of our clients, you will enjoy meeting Juan when you come in.

We were happy to have Chester, Otto, and Bailey hang out today for their Evaluation.  They will be living here at Pixee’s for a week’s vacation next week, and we are tickled that their momma and grandmama (Bailey’s her granddog) chose Pixee’s to take care of their babies while they’re gone.

Well, today while these three great dogs were hanging out in the Great Hall with Juan, I began to hear some lovely music in the building.  As I walked out to the Great Hall, I saw Juan on the floating bed with Otto, relaxing together, listening to the lovely sounds.

I was delighted to see that Juan noticed that our guests may’ve needed some comforting melodies to give them more freedom to relax.  So he started the music, and he and Otto were enjoying it together.  Great idea, Juan!  Thank you! 

Chester, Otto, and Bailey had a delightful day with us.  They all soon were exploring the great things at Pixees, playing together (and with Juan!), and were ready and happy when momma/grandmama came through the door to pick them up!

We are excited to have the trio back next week!


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